Trends From NYFW For Fall 2018

New York Fashion Week has (sadly) come to a close, but the fall fashion this year was far from a disappointment. From riots of color to feminine power suits, the catwalks and stages of this year’s event were filled with aspirational, awe-inspiring looks.

Ready to see what New York Fashion Week has in store for your wardrobe for this fall season?


Any closet is not complete until it’s athleisure inclusive. This year, we were lucky enough to feast our eyes on the Adidas Originals collection at NYFW, designed by 23-year-old fashion student Danielle Cathari. The look introduces athleisure with a twist and features looks that embody what you would imagine a ‘cool’ and ‘laid-back’ lifestyle would look like.


While you might think these vibrant colors would be reserved for the bright and bold palette of spring, the forecast for this year’s fall fashion is going to be unusually bright (and we’re not complaining)! If there’s one key takeaway from these ensembles, it’s to use color boldly.

Sweaters as a scarf

What’s better than being warm and stylish simultaneously? Nothing. Turns out your warmest sweater can also double as a scarf tied high and tight around your neck for those extra chilly fall days. Check out how to style them from some of the top collections this year by Tibi, R13 and Creatures of Comfort.

The modest dresses

This year fashion designer’s seemed to share a common thread of inclusivity – opening the closet doors for a larger, more diverse customer base. Realizing the need for more options for more people, the more modest garment shape took to the runway in numbers to showcase the fashion industry’s adoption of this trend.

For example, Tibi and Tory Burch styled (and layered) flowing garment on flowing garment.

Some styles we’ve seen before…

Although the fashion industry tends to chase the allure of modernity and the future of the millennial customer, there were a few trends that transported us back to a bygone era. From the neon-palette of the 80’s to more simplistic designs, here are some of the trends that had us reminiscing about some of history’s great designs.

Animal prints are back

Although they’ve been hibernating since the 1980’s, animal prints are back and in full (and bright) force. As New York Fashion Week came to a close, it also boasted one of the biggest designers on the calendar for this fall season: Tom Ford.

Ford’s collection, however, wasn’t the only one to display this kind of exuberance. Other collections from the likes of Adam Selman, Rag + Bone and R13 stepped in line with the lively animal patterns, too.


Top-handle handbags

We also noticed a common trend for accessorizing, too: Top-handle handbags. These sleek and simplistic handbags were spotted in all different shapes and colors — from the runways to the sidewalks this “it” bag seems to be the latest must-have of the season.

Old-school drama

With new silhouettes, divine details and rich and vibrant colors, Marc Jacobs closed out the week with a performance that put the ‘show’ back in ‘fashion show.’ See some of his show-stopping fashions including animal prints, embellished sweaters and throw-back accessories below.

But also, some futuristic fashion

Although these trends did have us feeling fabulously nostalgic, there were standout trends on the other end of the runway, too. While NYFW has always been bold and daring, some of this year’s looks were especially edgy. From edgy avant-garde ensembles like metallic capes and moon boots to platinum wigs, there were plenty futuristic trends for 2018 fall wear.

Looking to the future of this year’s cold-weather fashion, it’s looking better and brighter with every day. With some exciting new trends in store and even some we’ve seen before, we can’t wait to get our hands (and hangers) on them this Fall.



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