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At AHStyling, it’s no secret that we love to accessorize with hats! They’re the perfect combination of style and practicality, which makes them a wardrobe staple in our book. If you’re not used to wearing hats, they can seem “hard to pull off”, or you might be unsure about how to style them. Summer is the perfect time to introduce hats into your wardrobe, with all the sunshine, pool/lake days, and vacations that come with this time of year! Keep scrolling to read my guide on incorporating hats into your wardrobe this summer.


Finding The Right Fit

While every face shape is different and unique, there are four major shapes that we use to categorize them. Just like when finding clothes to flatter our bodies, it’s all about balance when finding the right hat to balance your face shape:

1.) Square:

Square shaped faces are recognized by having  a stronger jaw line, wide cheekbones, and a wide but shorter forehead. Hats with curvy edges and floppy brims will be most flattering to balance out the strong lines of these features. Since you do have a shorter forehead, make sure the brim of the hat doesn’t come down too low and hide your eyes.



2.) Round:

If you have fuller cheeks, a soft jaw line, and your face is about equal in width and length, then you likely have a round face shape! Since your face is round and fairly symmetrical, you can have fun with angular hat brims (such as fedoras with angular brim, or hats worn at a tilt). Avoid hats like bowlers, or hats with tall, rounded crowns because that will accentuate the roundness of your face.





3.) Oblong (or Rectangle):

Oblong faces are longer than they are wide, and often have more slender features. Try hats with a wider brim than sit lower on your forehead,to break up the length of your face. Avoid hats with very narrow brims, so that the small brims doesn’t emphasize the length of your face.




4.) Diamond:

This is also referred to as heart shape, your cheeks will be the widest points of your face. You might also have a shorter forehead. You can really pull off a variety of hat shapes, but hats with softer edges and curvy brims are most flattering for the angles of your face. Be mindful that the hat doesn’t sit to low on your forehead, and hides too much of you features.






Traveling with Hats

Hats are such a versatile and fun accessory to bring along while traveling. Not to mention very practical if your trip involves a lot of sun! Annie discovered this Goorin hat box during her travels, and is in love with it! She got the extra large, which can fit 6-10 hats. It’s easy to carry and lightweight.




If you don’t have a hat box to store your hats in during travels, don’t worry! There’s a couple other solutions for avoiding a crammed and misshaped hat. My first recommendation would be to incorporate your hat into your travel-day outfit. I personally love flying/traveling in a hat, because it eliminates the time and stress of doing my hair (and probably makeup). If you do opt to pack you hat, here are a few tips: Start by stuffing the inside of the hat with smaller items (such a socks, tanks, etc.) to give it more support. Then, lay the flat side of the hat down on the bottom of the suitcase. Pack clothes (I always use the rolling method when packing my clothes) around the base of the hat to secure it. Finally, lay lighter items across the top of the hat (such as a dress or blouse), so that it’s fully covered and protected.



Styling Your Hat


1.) Wider-Brim

Wider-brimmed hats can easily go from a night on the town, to providing protection on the beach! The wide brim is a bit more dramatic, so it lends itself to be dressed-up easily. Check out how Annie styled some of her wide-brimmed hats, and some of the outfits we styled for a client’s summer lookbook!

IMG_2646 IMG_2651 IMG_2653 IMG_2654



2.) Fedora:

Annie and I absolutely live in our fedoras during the summer! They do just the trick when trying to disguise a dirty-hair-day. They’re such an easy piece to throw on with a casual t-shirt dress or pair of distressed jeans, and make the look a bit more stylish.  Nothing screams “summer time” quite like a fedora!

IMG_2652 IMG_2655 IMG_2656 IMG_2657 IMG_2658 IMG_2659



3.) Ballcap 

Athliesure is a lifesaver for a girl with a busy lifestyle! To take those leggings and fashion sneakers up notch, try adding a new ballcap. The ones shown below are from Nordstrom, but stylish ballcaps can be found at so many retailers these days. Look for something that looks fresh, and that will coordinate with a lot of the athliesure pieces you already own.





IMG_2645 IMG_2650 IMG_2661 IMG_2663


I hope these tips are just the hat-trick you needed to give your summer wardrobe a boost!


***Exciting update: starting this summer, I will be working as a lead stylist for AHStyling based in Nashville! I will be also be covering the surrounding areas and states. Contact info@annieheyward.com to set up a closet edit, personal shopping trip, or Lookbook with me! I will be happy to travel to you!



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