It only takes about .25 seconds of scrolling through the Fauxgerty instagram account to realize that this company has a serious “cool” factor. This stems from the comanpy’s amazingly cool CEO and designer, Chrissy Fogerty. Chrissy and her team are making an impact on the fashion world by producing incredibly chic and stylish pieces made with “better leather”. I had the opportunity to ask Chrissy about her booming business, and what it’s like to be a woman entrepreneur.   Keep reading to learn more about Fauxgerty, and the #GirlBoss behind it.:


(Pictured: Chrissy Fogerty, via Instragram, @chrissyfogerty)



-Carson: First things first; tell us a little about your store and business!
Chrissy: Fauxgerty began in 2013 focusing on creating the best version of the signature leather jacket. For us, it meant being cruelty-free, environmentally responsible and ethically produced. We have since expanded from our signature outerwear to creating additional styles, with our first ready-to-wear collection launching this Spring. 
The Fauxgerty showroom launched in October 2015 as a way to expose people to the authenticity of faux leather. We love when people come into the shop and can’t believe we are entirely vegan.



-Carson: What motivated you to start your own business? Was it always a dream or goal of yours?

Chrissy: I come from a family of entrepreneurs, so owning my own business was always something I could envision myself doing. Fashion is the second most wasteful industry, only behind oil, and wanted to see more mindfulness incorporated. So, when envisioning Fauxgerty, I ensured we created a balanced, progressive work environment where the product embodies the mission.



(“#FauxBabes”, via Intragram)





-Carson: Tell us about your merchandise and why it’s so unique.   

Chrissy: We began by creating the cruelty-free motorcycle jacket and have since expanding to include bombers, vests and trenches. This Spring we will debut our newest collection consisting of clothing created from pre-loved vintage dead stock. We ensure each garment abides by our sustainability standards and is mindful in its construction. 

(the Fauxgerty showroom)





-Carson: What is it like being a woman owning/running a small business? What are the biggest rewards and the biggest challenges you face?

Chrissy: I have surrounded myself with an amazing team, so sharing our wins makes it all the better and each challenge more bearable. My favorite aspect is the ability to create and live in a positive and nurturing work environment. There is true bonding that happens when you are all focusing on a brand rooted in progress and authenticity. The biggest challenge for me is staying in the present rather than planning for the next five plus years. Still working on it!


-Carson: What are your future goals or plans for the brand? What can we be looking forward to?

Chrissy: This year we have expanded into wholesale distribution and Fauxgerty jackets will be available nationwide. I am so excited for people to be able to feel our garments and fall in love with Faux(gerty). We will continue to release new styles, including jackets, and plan to triple the amount of items offered on our website by the end of the year. 



IMG_9707 IMG_9708





-Carson: Where can we keep following you and stay updated? 

Chrissy: All of our garments are available in our Central West End showroom (228 North Euclid) and our website: You can keep up with new products or sales via our newsletter, which you can sign up for at the bottom of our web homepage. Our Instagram (@fauxgerty @fauxgertyinthecwe) + Facebook (/fauxgertyapparel) will supply you with lots of Faux and a bounty of botanical images. 








-Carson: What are your favorite pieces that you have in right now (or normally carry)?

Chrissy: All of the garments in our showroom are the Fauxgerty brand. My current favorites are the Ida Trench in cumin, which is perfect to layer when it’s snowy or wear with a tee and cut offs in the Spring. I am also living in my Mootom bomber, it is my go-to to wear with black leggings and a tank to the gym.








-Carson: What advice would you give to a woman wanting to start her own business or follow a dream?
Chrissy: Owning my business has taught me so much including releasing fear, practicing patience and how hard it can be to organize your Quickbooks (like really hard). It has allowed me to grow so much as a person, and I am grateful for the opportunity to learn through this outlet. If anyone has the chance to do so with their dream, I encourage you to do so. And let me know about your venture so I can support it <3 









If you’re in the St.Louis area, be sure to stop by the Fauxgerty showroom and try on some of their amazing fashions for yourself. I want to send a HUGE “thank you” to Chrissy for being a part of this feature,  and also for the ethical and important work that she’s doing.



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