Hello, everyone! It’s the first blog post of 2016! We hope you all had a happy holiday season, and have had a great start to the new year so far.

We are kicking off the new year with a very fitting “In Her Shoes”feature. This month’s woman entrepreneur is Kate Duryea, owner of Dimvaloo, which is an active living boutique in St. Louis. If we’re going to stick to those fitness resolutions, why not look fabulous doing it? Keep scrolling to read my interview with Kate, and her inside scoop on the Athleisure industry!

(Pictured: Kate Duryea)


(Pictured: merchandise display inside Dimvaloo)


(Pictured: Dimvaloo storefront)


(Pictured: Kate with Will Duryea and John Duryea)

kate duryea


C.) First things first; tell us a little about your store!

K.) We are located at 8813 Ladue Road, St. Louis, MO (off 170 and Ladue, in the Colonial Marketplace).
We’re a locally owned and operated activewear store. We exclusively carry fashion-forward, functional collections and offer tailored styling services for the active lifestyle.

C.) What kind of person do you envision wearing your merchandise?

K.) Everyone! Activewear is leisurewear. If you have a desire to be comfortable and stylish, then stop by! We carry both men’s and women’s, and go up to size 18.

C.) What are some new and upcoming trends that you’re loving in Athleisure?

K.) Activewear has some great trends coming up. You’ll start to see block coloring in our tights coming this spring, which is very flattering for your workout and eye-catching for the grocery store.

Fashion is function for us, so we have ready-to-wear designer clothes and exclusive collections, with even more exclusive access to styles. Our customers will be one of the very few to wear each style that we bring into the store. It becomes quite a unique experience, because Dimvaloo girls can typically spot our exclusive styles when they see them out and about!

C.) Can you share some of your favorite pieces  you’re loving right now?


You’ll fall in the love with the Infinity Scarf by Alala Scarf – it completes any wardrobe! ($95 at Dimvaloo)


Any Lorna Jane bra! This is so important for a girl’s workout, but often overlooked. I love them because of how flattering, designed-focused, and supportive they are. A girl actually texted one of our active stylists saying, “Who needs the $10,000 boob job when you can get a $65 sports bra from Dimvaloo!”. ($17-72.99 at Dimvaloo)


Here’s the Vivacity Legging by YogaSmoga. The mesh cutout is super flattering, not to mention cooling during an intense workout! ($185 at Dimvaloo)


How fun is this Jungle Fever Zip Through by Lorna Jane? It’s lightweight and crease resistant, but double layered so you can beat the elements in style! ($139.99 at Dimvaloo)


C.) I love that you have your merchandise online, so even people outside of St.Louis can shop your styles! I have to share a few things on my wish list:

This FlyBack Sweatshirt by Alala is so cute and chic; it could go from the gym to the streets seamlessly! ($125 at Dimvaloo)


The Geo Pop Tank Bra Combo by Lorna Jane is my perfect workout top. It has built in support, plenty of breathability, and has a fun pop of pattern without being too bold! ($75.99 at Dimvaloo)


I LOVE wearing skorts in the warmer months as an alternative to shorts. I always feel that they’re more flattering on my legs, and add a little feminine flair! I love the pleated detail on the Diamonds Skort by Lorna Jane. ($75.99 at Dimvaloo)



Like many people, one of my new years resolutions is drink more water everyday. It’s an important part of a healthy lifestyle that is really easy to forget about. How smart is this Dimvaloo Stay Hydrated Waterbottle? It keeps you on track throughout the day by reminding you where you should be with your water intake! ($24.99 at Dimvaloo)


The Asymmetric T-Shirt by Lorna Jane is the perfect “throw-on” shirt that can take you from yoga to running around town, while looking effortlessly stylish. ($49.99 by Dimvaloo)





C.) What is it like being a woman owning and running a small business? What are some of the biggest challenges, and greatest rewards?

K.) You’re always learning, always growing, and ever changing.
People are constantly coming into the store who have never been in before. We love getting to see these people enjoying the lines we carry and the personalized service we provide at Dimvaloo. Our biggest challenge is spreading the word about our store! We can’t thank you enough for helping us with one of our biggest challenges.

C.) What motivated you to own your own business? Was it always goal of yours?

K.) I’ve heard a goal is just a dream with a deadline. My dream of Dimvaloo started with a love of staying active. Growing up, I worked out in my brothers soccer shorts, a free t-shirt, and some terrible looking bras! It’s a wonderful feeling  that I can offer higher quality, fashion forward, and functional garments for people wanting to be active.

C.) What are your future goals for the store?

K.) Coming winter of 2016, we’ll have a select few pieces from the Dimvaloo line! We’ve found St. Louis has their own style and we want to provide that to our community! I can’t wait!

C.) What advice would you give to a woman that’s wanting to start her own business or follow a dream?

K.) Dive in and start with all of your heart. You will fail, but learn from your failures, and never give up on your dream.

We want to give a BIG “thank you” to Kate and the whole team at Dimvaloo! We are grateful for women like you that inspire and encourage others to follow dreams, stay active, and look fierce doing it!

Be sure to follow their Instagram account @dimvaloo (they have lots of fun posts), and shop online at dimvaloo.com.

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