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We’ve all heard of that old saying: “You can’t wear white after Labor Day”. Well, my friends, here comes the truth straight from the stylist’s mouth : You CAN wear white after Labor Day! With just a few tips in mind, you can sport that beautiful, dreamy hue all year long. Wearing white can be very visually refreshing and modern during the more drab and dark winter months. It can add a burst of lightness and break up the more typical dark and jewel tones that we see so much of during fall and winter. Keep scrolling to read some of our tips and tricks to incorporating white into your wardrobe after Labor Day:




Blend/layer different textures and colors:

If you’re wanting to tame a white piece, try pairing it with richer hues and even layering textures. Colors like burgundy, camel, navy, plum, and charcoal gray are classic pairings with winter white and creams. Blending white with other neutrals (beige, cream, pastels, light gray, etc.) is another chic pairing, as long as the look has texture. Layering textures can make white seem more cozy. Warm-up inherently cool neutrals by choosing big knit sweaters, suede booties, leather, wool coats, soft scarves and even white denim.

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Mind your materials and fabrics:

One of the most important guidelines to wearing white in the fall or winter months is choosing the correct fabric. Stick with heavier and richer fabrics: cashmere, faux fur, mohair, flannel, wool, silk, suede and leather. Stay away from inherently summery materials such as white eyelet, linen, canvas, and seersucker. No matter what the color is, clothing still needs to be seasonally appropriate


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Add a winter white coat to your wardrobe:

If you want to add a staple to your winter wardrobe that you know will be instantly chic and classic, get a winter white peacoat. It might seem more fashion forward than other darker hues, but you’ll find that it coordinates beautifully over many different ensembles! Invest in a quality coat so it can last more than one season. Trends may come and go, but this piece is a timeless hit.


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Style your white jeans for the cooler months:

Your white jeans are such a versatile piece in your wardrobe, and they can pull double duty this fall/winter! Remember when styling white or cream jeans that it’s important to pair them with seasonal pieces. Try layering them with cozier pieces,  like oversized sweaters and tall boots or booties. Think of them as one piece to your fall ensemble puzzle, and all the other pieces need to be distinctly for fall or winter.



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