How to Style Statement Earrings

Big, bold statement earrings are an easy way to add interest and personality to your spring style. While we may have been able to guess this trend would make its way into our wardrobe by watching the runways at 2018 Fashion Week, when shopping destination Net-a-Porter featured a curated assortment of earrings dubbed “extra-special,” we knew it was time to take a look at what styles are standing apart from the rest.
Whether you want a standout piece to spice up a low-key look or want to go as big on these embellished styles as possible, here are a few ways to incorporate this trend into any wardrobe.
The Fashionista
I probably wouldn’t even have to tell you these statement pieces were the latest trend for spring accessories, and these styles alone would have you on board. Day or night, these earrings will give you a boost of confidence, color and add that fun, fresh addition to your spring style.
The Diva
Whether you’re going for dinner party perfection or just want to add a little sparkle to your day-to-day look, these showstopping statement earrings are sure to keep you feeling elevated no matter what you wear them with.
The Hippie
A little chic, a little casual – this look checks both boxes. Whether you want to pair these fluffy tiers of fringe and flare with a daytime maxi or a striped set for spring and summer concert nights, this boho beauty look can match any vibe.

The Grunge
Are you an ‘all black everything, even in the spring’ type? We hear you and luckily, black is always in style – no matter the season. These oversized tassels will fit right in with the rest of your wardrobe, and add some extra chic film noir vibes at the same time. 
 The minimalist
If oversize earrings have you feeling a little uneasy, there’s still a way to incorporate this latest spring trend to fit with your style. You could even pair them with jeans and a t-shirt, and you’d still be the perfect blend of comfy and trendy.

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