The Holiday Party Season is officially in full swing! With all the festive events and parties on the calendar, it’s fun to add a little extra glamour to your normal beauty routine. It’s a special time of year, so why not look and feel a little special, too? Let’s face it, not all of us are amazing at hair styling, and it can sometimes feel intimidating to try and throw an updo together. Lucky for us, Annie made this really easy-to-follow tutorial video, so you can create a beautiful updo that’s perfect for the holidays in less than 5 minutes! All you need is a fine tooth comb for teasing, a smoothing comb (tip: Sally Beauty sells combs what are half teasing and half smoothing, so you can get two for one), some volumizing firm hold hair spray (Annie uses Kenra Volume 25), and some bobbi pins (Annie loves Meta Grip bobbi pins). Another great stylist trick is to start with curled hair, because it will add texture to help the look hold, and help create that soft, romantic look.


Just click the play button below to learn how to create this easy, romantic, holiday updo! (Oh, and FYI: This video was taped in a giant production studio after Annie had finished a day full shooting, so please excuse all the crew laughter/chatter and the creepy mannequin in green sequins! Consider it a behind the scenes look into the life of a professional stylist!)



A special thanks goes to Colortek studios and Stacy Collier!

Happy Holidays & Hair,


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