Did you know wardrobe stylists aren’t just for celebrities? In fact, there are many different types of wardrobe stylists. Some style models for catalogs and magazines and fit the garments to appear flawless in photographs. Some pick out outfits and accessories for celebrities to look their best on the red carpet and for the press. I fall into yet another category: I work with real women with real bodies who juggle demanding careers, businesses, social demands, charity and community involvements, and families, all while trying to look polished and put together. These women might very well have great taste, but despise shopping, or perhaps they feel lost and overwhelmed when it comes to styling and accessorizing their own ensembles. Time constraints, busy schedules, work demands, children – you name it – all of the above can make it stressful to put outfits together in the morning. Add the pressure of knowing how to dress your body type or how to disguise a few extra few pounds can be daunting.

Did you know…

  • A wardrobe stylist can show you what your best features are and how to highlight them using certain silhouettes, the colors you wear, and the way you style your hair/makeup?
  • Show you how to camouflage problem areas and downplay areas you feel insecure about (we all have them)?
  • Can show you how to dress appropriately for your age and body shape? So what if you’re not a size 2! You can look fabulous at any age, size, or shape. Promise!
  • Show you which silhouettes to avoid and which shapes add bulk to your frame?
  • Can create brand new outfits out of the things you already have in your closet?
  • Can you give you a “Look Book” complete with pictures of planned daily outfits (up to 150 per season!), so you don’t have to think twice about what to wear everyday!?
  • Can help give you the confidence you need to walk into a room and be proud of the woman you are, regardless of your size, shape, weight, or age!


Examples of pictures from various “Look Books”

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Transition season is here. Maybe it’s time to think about transitioning into the new you!


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