I’ll say it: I’m over the smokey eye. We’ve all been there, done that. While it’s important to know how to create this timeless look, and even more important to know how to transition your makeup from day to night, ultimately, it’s beautiful, glowing skin that all of us crave. Simple, natural-looking makeup doesn’t always mean a streamlined and simple routine, but it doesn’t have to be rocket science. Today I’m going to share a few easy tips to give your skin that boost it needs for summer using a few favorite beauty products of mine.

Here’s the look we’re trying to achieve: fresh-faced, glowing, dewy and natural. The focus is on luminous skin, not the eyes.

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What you need:

  • a tinted moisturizer or lightweight liquid foundation with SPF
  • beauty blender or buffing/blending brush
  • an illuminating cream
  • highlighting compact powder
  • fan brush


1. Start by doing your eye makeup first on a clean face. Pro-makeup artists have long held this secret up their sleeve. Save yourself the mess from shadow by doing the eyes first, wiping away any fall-out afterwards, then doing your foundation/powder/concealer. If you do the eyes first, you won’t risk ruining flawless foundation or blush with unsightly shadow smudges. No, it’s not the other way around: trust me.

2. Moisturize, apply serums, SPF, etc.

3. Using a tinted moisturizer (I recommend Laura Mercier’s during warmer seasons) or lightweight liquid foundation, and an illuminating cream, mix the two together on the back of your palm (3/4 parts foundation; 1/4 parts illuminator). Currently, I am using Benefit’s Brightening Primer and Benefit’s Flawless Oxygen Liquid Foundation. Use the illuminating cream sparingly, so err on the side of “just a drop.” Buff in all over the face with your buffing brush. Conceal and set with powder if oily.

4. Add blush. In keeping with the dewy look, I recommend a cream blush. Love these by Stila and keep them stocked religiously in my pro-kit to use on brides.

5. Take fan brush and pop on a little highlighting powder. Dust the fan brush down the bridge of your nose, the top of your cupid’s bow, underneath your brow across your brow bone, and most importantly, on top of your cheekbones. This is the most important part! Highlight what stands out and would naturally catch the light from the sun. (I use Chanel’s Highlighting Powder, but it’s sold out online and I can’t find it anywhere anymore. This is similar, or you can use a mineral blush like this). I have previously blogged about Bobbi Brown’s shimmer brick compacts, and with these, you can’t go wrong.


Wa-LA! You’ll be fending off compliments left and right this spring, and people will be stopping you asking you how you got your skin to look so dewy and glowing. Guaranteed.


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